I had an interview, while walking, jogging, running through shopping streets in Amsterdam.  The subject or the victim of my idea was the coming singer Menura. This is the first time I had  chosen this unusual mode, place and time while we were literally on the move in the streets of Amsterdam. After which finally we were looking forward, after the exhausting exercises, to a nice warm cup of tea.

At my lightening visit to San Francisco, I’ve seen in a public local House Bodega in that advanced and modern city in the US,  a music-clip of one of your performances. Where comes your popularity in the US from ? You’ve been visiting the city  is that possible?

Well, it is obvious that many American fans of mine would show their idol, just and exactly in that very city where all the new movements starts.- traditionally can I say. Things which also happened in the sixties. you probably know all about it as I know and look to your age. (laughing)

My American fans would like me to held my performances in Frisco and also in Chicago by the way. Looking for agencies and so on. Apparently the spectrum of the fans (up there) is increasing enormously. That may explains it.

 I heard your plan is to make a tour through the US. Is that true?

As a matter of fact, not yet a tour;( but) at this moment one is mixing my songs preparing for the US promotion.

Would that be – on the whole - an American repertoire and where does it come from?

I‘ m preparing a new album which on calls “’ country-pop’’.

So the average American probably has finally discovered the Dutch Indo singers hmmm…... That is not only amazing, but great and rejoicing.(smiling)

No wonder that the city of Chicago is in a way, real busy, pungent with the country-pop which is rather appealing and remember them to their own Southern country-pop of the past.

Where do you find your inspiration or better to ask you: what nourishes your mind to all these?


As a matter of fact I m a Charity person, who makes all kind of projects which have to do with Charity  which benefit people in general. It is not as one perhaps might think that the songs I sing are all about misery. No. Commitment and involvement are so important and crucial to me. I write my song also for people who are  suffering from their traumatic experience. So to surrender myself in this matter to an aim and follow my natural impulse, just to benefit people and try to bring people together, well, to connect them; when we see that every day in all those media somewhere in this globe vulnerable people, as children, women (and men by the way), have become victims of horror of dictatorial and tyrannical regimes or local wars between neighbors, is,  in the time we live in utterly disappointing and sad at the same time. I, as an individual and on my own modest way, want badly to create bridges between people, individually and collectively on the whole with my performances and songs. Unfortunately these are the only scarce tools I have.



You have performed, or are going to perform, as I understand for many different charity funds, which ones?

I have sung for example for Terre des Hommes with the song LUGGAGE, which I performed for them recently.  In that special song I try to comfort people who are involved with the misery I mentioned before.

If I am right, you want to comfort the entire World?

(Laughing) When everyone make that effort, surely one could have great expectations.

What are your further plans for your new album?

Well, I’m busy promoting the new one. I’m busy with my 4th number. The sooner all my other projects have finished, the better; all depends of the sponsoring by my loving fans all over the World.

Speaking about the war- child project; what is your relation to the organization of war child.

Accidently a friend of mine in Spain has heard one of my songs and asked me to come over there to sing some of my songs on a special occasion settled up for victims of war, with the song “’Run baby run’.’ The lyrics based on a war victim.

This song you mention, is it already available?

No, not yet; this song is part of the new album, but you can enjoy by hearing the song on my website as a ‘’snap’’ (more a pre-snack)

Finally my last question which is dazzling me already for some time: I had heard and read about in Sellaband that there are people, apparently your fans as well, that they  remember you as a singer  likely to the Group of “’The Corrs’’ and  Shania Twain- what do you think of the resemblance?

I think it is a great compliment and at the same time funny to, as ‘’The Corrs’’ itself as a group is one of my favorites.






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